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Our Clients are the greatest here's what they're saying about us...

"We initially heard about Pinnacle Pet Services from a friend who had used Howard to train several of her dogs.

"We are first time dog owners and needed a lot of hand holding for us and for our two young children. We met with Howard for a consultation before getting our puppy and talked over what was the best for our family. Howard was there the night our dog arrived and he returned our dog six weeks later house trained and following some basic commands. We continued the training in home for the next few months and saw steady improvement each week. Howard's care and patience with both the dog and our family has made this a wonderful experience for all of us. If we get another dog, there is no question we would call upon Howard again."

-Liz and David S. 

Hollywood, CA.

"Hello Linda, Josue and Everyone at the Pinnacle.

Prior to coming to you, we had taken our dog to a big box pet store/kennel and he hated it. No wonder! When we went to pick him up they told us he was aggressive and had to be kept in a kennel (cage!) for two days and a night. Our dog is very well trained (by our son who trains service dogs for a living) is not aggressive.
"We are fortunate to be local so the next time he needed dog boarding , we crossed our fingers and brought him to th Pinnacle. You, who understands dogs, immediately invited him into your large dog play room and let him be a dog! He loves going to see you guys and runs up the stairs to get there as fast as he can!

We hope your shop stays open in South Pasadena forever! You are all dog loving professionals who can be trusted totally.

Thank you so very much!"

Marsha K. (Leon the boxers mom) - South Pasadena,CA.

"I was looking for safe care for my dog and resonable prices. Churchill my dog loves the place. I always feel like he is loved and cared for well. You're his home away from home."

Kary M. - Pasadena.

"I brought my dog to your daycare for socializing when he was a puppy, and if we cant be home to let her out. Bear loves going to Pinnacle Pet Services. he yelps with excitment from the car as we drive up. Howard and his team take great care of Bear, and know him well. I love the report of who he played with and what he did when he was there."

Liz W. - South Pasadena, CA.

"I bring my dog to Pinnacle for great service, they are trustworthy, and the staff loves and care for my dog."

Ed M. -Pasadena.

"I was taking a trip out of town, i would defintely recomend Pinnacle Pet Services. My dogs always come back very happy and healthy."

Maria H. -South Pasadena.

"I want to get my dog socialized, He's used to me and affraid of his own shadow. He had no issues at Pinnacle Pet Services. The staff was just great with him."

Silivia J. - Los Angeles.

"I bring my dog to The Pinnacle because i'm unable to leave him home alone for that long. He loves to come to The Pinnacle to play."

Jenny S. - Pasadena, CA

"I had a very active energetic puppy that needed to be trained, she wouold jump on evryone and play bite. She would also pull on a leash when walked, basically she was somewhat out of control. Howard is very pateint and thorough it explains behavior modifiction. He demonstrates the proper way to do things, then coachs you through them. My dog has made tremendous progress."

Cathy H - Alhambra

"My dog has lots of energy. We wanted Sam to socialize in a safe fun enviornment. I would say Sam loves daycare days. The staff at Piinacle Pet Services is great to Sam. I never worryu about him when he is there."

Kristen & Rob Z. - Los Angeles