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It all started in 1956. Home training didn't exist. Howard Finkelstein placed an ad in the New York Times pet section.

"Dog Training In Your Home With You."

Home training for your dog proved to be very popular & effective ,and other trainers followed.

The dog home training industry was born.

Howard's dog training skills, which are based on the science of behavior modification, and a reward system of love not treats became well known. And he developed his early training method, which proved that puppies as young as eight weeks when trained, broaden their IQ, retain their training, and develop better social skills.

In-Home Dog Training


In 1956 we were the first company to offer "In-home" dog training. We offer the same course now that has successfully trained more then 45,000 dogs, and their owners all over Los Angeles, Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley. Your dog lives at home. Whenever possible, your dog will be best trained where he lives. Home training offers you the convience of setting your own schedule. The intensive training that we can accomplish with your dog, and with you, insures a lasting relationship of love, obedience, and safety for your pet. Every dog is an individual, as is each owner.

We have the experience and skills to be successful for you.

Bella in her owners arms just before her 2nd In-Home Training session.

In home dog training offers the comfort of working with your dog at home and the convience of setting a time and day that works best for you.

  Dog Training w/Daycare


The perfect solution for working couples, or pet owners that can't stay apart from their new best friend. Bring your pet to our dog daycare in the morning Monday thru Friday. He will be trained, and socialized until you pick him up in the evening, and he spends weekends at home. The method is both cost and training effective.

Kat is working with her Great Dane puppy Zues in her San Marino home.

Meet Breck, he's in for our famous six week daycare training couse.

Modified Daycare Training


The same as our daycare training program except that your Dog is picked up Monday morning, It stays in our kennel until Saturday when it's delivered to your home.

Ginger, graduated from our Modified daycare training program and is now a therapy dog.

Mr. Buttons, looking as cute as one, Is definitely eager to please. Good Sit!

Dog Training w/Boarding


Your dog spends six weeks at our kennel. He is trained daily by our professional staff for 42 days. The "boot camp" atmosphere can take the most recalcitrant dog, and make it a well trained pet. We always recomend following the kennel training with three in home lessons.

Brandy is visiting her 12 week old Bichon-Frise puppy. When it finishes its six week kennel training course. He will go to his new home.

When Robert Kirkman, creator of "The Walking Dead" wanted a puppy for his family, he hired Howard to find and train Itsy, and then bring him home.

Individual private dog training lessons in our kennel. 

One on one private 1 hour lessons available. $150 each.