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 Serving Pasadena, South Pasadena and all surronding areas.

It's only expected that you want the pet that you love to receive the safest and most loving attention from the caretakers you entrust them to.

That's why Howard built "The Pinnacle". With over fifty years' experience as a renowned dog trainer (click to see credentials) "The Pinnacle" is a three-thousand square foot, indoor, air conditioned cage-free facility. Conveniently located at 721 Fair Oaks Ave in the lovely town of South Pasadena. 

There are separate play areas for small and large dogs, and even separate rooms for not so social pets. Night time separate and group sleep areas are provided.

Midday walks for when nature calls, and exercise hikes are available. Pick up and drop off is available.

A pet care facility's only as good as its staff. Howard chooses each staff member, and the first requirement is that they love dogs. We provide the most loving, safe and fun environment for your pet.

Bring Your Dog to "The Pinnacle" For Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare and Dog Training.

Trust the professionals at Pinnacle Pet Services to take care of your pet while you're gone.



We provide dependable and compassionate dog boarding, doggy day care and dog training services.

Erik, Cynthia, Josue, Robin, Lisette, Howard, Linda, Inbal

from left to right : Erik, Cynthia, Josue, Robin, Lisette, Howard, Linda, Inbal

Training Room Full Of Dogs

         Dog Boarding - Dog Daycare

Bring your dog to us for our quality dog boarding services. We board all types of dogs in our Air Conditioned, Cage-Free, Indoor facility. We provide your dog with proper nourishment, exercise, and love.  Oral medications can be administered if necessary. During their stay, your dog gets to play with our daycare guests. We have seperate large dog and small dog play areas


Small Dogs 
Large Dogs
Giant Dogs

(35lbs or Less)
(35lbs -90lbs)
(Over 90lbs)

$38.00 per night
$48.00 per night
$58.00 per night

Boarding rates are calculated by the night. Open from 7:00am to 7:00pm 7 days a week. Dogs can be dropped off any time on the day of the their arrival. We only charge by the night. Boarding checkout time 11 a.m. Late checkout (until 7:00p.m) is $10.00.  Pick up, and drop off service is also available.

Day Care
Pinnacle Pet Services offers separate play areas and experienced pet counselors for the safety of your pets in our Air Conditioned playrooms. There is an area for small dogs and an area for medium and large dogs as well as additional areas for non-social and older dogs. Daycare dogs are not fed during the day. Make sure to feed your dog before and after daycare.

One price for large or small dogs, only $24.00 from 7 am-7pm, 7 days a week

All pets in for boarding or daycare must be current on their inoculations, and you must provide us with a veterinary certificate.

We take your pet's health seriously. Therefore, there is no additional charge to administer veterniarian prescibed oral medications for your pet.

Get your pet started! Just call us at (626) 799-9614. We will be happy to email you an application for your pet.
When needed, we can take your dog to our veterinarian to complete his/her shots.

Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare-Excercise Hike's - $10.00 extra.

Brush and bath - $20.00
*Matted dogs charged extra


  • Dogs who board five consecutive days recieve a free bath.
  • Multiple Dogs for boarding pay full price for first dog and 10% discount for 2 or more dogs.
  • One free exercise hike for dogs that board for more than five consecutieve days.
  • Pick up & Drop off service available.
  • Excercise hike around the Rose Bowl or the Arroyo. $10.00 extra.
  • Valet service. Call when you arrive in our parking lot and someone will come down to bring your dog up. no charge.
  • Low cost baths and brushing. Price varies with size and condtion of the coat.

Ho urs of Operation:
7 a.m.–7 p.m.

Hours may vary during
the Holidays

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