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Jack & Lucy trained by Howard for Dr. Lou Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in  their Beverly Hills home.

Beverly Hills Most Complete Dog Training Company

One of the most demanding assignments is training dogs for Broadway shows. No take two, or do overs. One mistake on opening night can ruin a million dollar production.
 We've trained dogs for more Broadway shows then any other trainer.
(See credentials.)

Our animals have been seen in movies, television shows, and countless commercials.

Serving Beverly Hills, Bel Aire, Brentwood, Cheviot Hills, Hollywood, West L.A. & All surrounding areas

Your Dog Deserves The Best

It's not just a dog, it's a member of your family. It's going to be living in your home for many years. A trained dog is a pleasure to live with. Pinnacle Pet Services is the best. With over fifty years experience we've trained over forty five thousand dogs. We were the first dog training company to do "in-home" obedience dog training. We pioneered early training methods, and proved puppies can begin training as early as eight weeks of age. The advantages of early training; you establish good behavior, before negative behavior forms, early training broadens a dogs IQ. Our methods are based on the science of behavior modification, and our reward is love not treats. If your neighbors dog is well trained, we probally did it.

Howard with his two standard poodles, Gundy and Tara.

Robert Kirkman, creator of "The Walking Dead" puppy Itsy bring trained in Kennel.

Our Courses

All basic courses start with leash training, sit,stay,come,down,down-stay,and heel. They also include potty training, and problem elimination. Our methods bring about "Behavior Modification", so that your pet loves to follow your commands. Full client guidance is provided.

We also offer:

Off-Leash Training | Special Needs Training | Security Dog Training | Service Dog Training | Therapy Dog Training
Special Needs Training for Autistic Children

In Home Dog Training Beverly Hills

Howard teaching  Michelle how to practice the recall command with her pug, Harley

            Puppy Training

Puppies can start their training at eight weeks of age. First you need to potty train your future new best friend. There is no command, "don't soil here, use the outside". Potty training is accomplished by helping your puppy to develop proper habits. Chewing, barking, and jumping up on you, are also habits that are best stopped before they start. Proper professional guidance can add up, saving you a lot of problems, and money.

Early training broadens your dog's IQ. Early training promotes development of positive traits and avoids the need to correct negative behavior. It's more gentle, and includes teaching the owner of the pet the proper methods. Early training can start as early as eight weeks of age but, it's never too late. A little effort now will result in years of enjoyable companionship for you and your pet. 

Howard training Lexi, for Dr. David Josephson

in his beautiful Beverly Hills home.

Lexi is 4 months old.