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Howard Finkelstein

Howard Finkelstein

Howard has been training and loving dogs since 1956. He first learned his skills living on a zoo in New Jersey, apprenticing under the former head of the MGM animal division. Volney Phifer (image below) trained all the animals in all the Tarzan movies and owned Leo the lion, the MGM trademark.

MGM Lion

After his apprenticeship, Howard applied his skills and instincts, to pursue his passion of dog training. He soon recognized that training the owners was as important as the training of their dogs. He devised a method of training the dogs, with the owners, in their homes. It was successful and he started an industry that has been widely copied.

Howard also developed early dog training methods. Dogs can begin their training as early as 8 weeks of age. It broadens their IQ and develops good habits,before bad ones set in.

Soon after Howard founded Animal Artists, an agency devoted to supplying animals for commercial and theatrical purposes.

Television programs like Merv Griffin's "Play Your Hunch" and others were frequent clients. Broadway shows like Tennessee Williams, "A Period Of Adjustment" and "Oliver" soon followed. Then Francis Ford Coppola's movie contracted Howard to train and handle an Old English Sheepdog and a chicken for Francis Ford Coppola's first movie," You're A Big Boy Now."

All this time training dogs for clients remained the focus of Howard's long career, along with training dogs for personal and business security, and for police departments.

In 1989, seeking the California experience, Howard located his business and life to Los Angeles. He soon opened his dog kennel in South Pasadena, and expanded his services to include dog boarding and daycare. "The Pinnacle" continues to be his base, and he has gathered a dedicated staff of dog trainers, and personally taught them the techniques of his uniquely successful dog training methods.  "The Pinnacle" also offers a wide range of training options that include in your home, kennel and daycare training. There's always owner training with these courses. With a staff of personally trained professionals, "The Pinnacle" dog training offers the best dog training from the best dog trainers in Los Angeles.


(310) 247-0802

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